We carry a reputation in the marketplace for developing and delivering luxury hair extensions for women of all ethnicities and to offer a bespoke hair match for ultimate realism.

Technical qualities, durability, methods of collection and processing are some of the attributes that can influence the grade applied to a piece of hair. Alongside country of origin, available lengths, choice of colours and price point. While most hair extensions are sourced from India and China, Belle Époque exclusively sources hair from Eastern Europe due to the natural characteristics- luminosity, strength and finesse. This guide helps to elaborate the different grades.

8 textures

From the finest hair strands to the curliest mane, we have mastered the art of bespoke hair

8 methods

Every woman requires special attention, that is why we have created specialised services to accommodate her lifestyles and individual needs.

42 colours

Guaranteeing incredibly luxurious, healthy and top-performing hair, Belle Époque takes the utmost care in our cultivation process by employing the meticulous double drawn technique, a rare practice only used by a select few masters in the craft. Double drawn is the highest-grade technique possible and implements an additional step during manufacturing process. With double drawn, the shorter hairs are individually pulled out by hand, which significantly increases the quality of the hair extensions and provides for a more healthy full appearance of the hair extensions.With double drawn hair, your clients will receive the superlative quality they deserve that encompasses gorgeous volume and durability that far exceeds single drawn hair. The hair is thick, uniformly right to the tip; allowing that sought-after full-bodied look to be easily achieved.


Discover our meticulous expertise in crafting the most extensive range of textures for a barely there bespoke match

Slavic hair

Virgin Slavic Hair is preserved in natural textures and colours. Hand blended by the artisan to create custom extensions for the client. The finest hair type with high lustre and low denier. It colours well and can be styled easily.

European hair

Virgin Russian hair is meticulously coloured to create custom Ombre and Balayage extensions for quick in salon application. Is of a slightly thicker density making it very strong and durable. It is available on a range of deniers from fine, medium and coarse.

Afro hair

For the first time, a plethora of textures created from European hair to replicate afro textures type 3 and 4, provides a unique service for salons. We have replicated curly textures with our European hair creating 3 low lustre afro textures type 3 and 4 and kinky straight.


Discover our gorgeous library of hair colours. From beautiful balayage, to trendy colourmelts, and uncoloured virgin hair handpicked for its intrinsic beauty and brilliant shine, 42 colours available in all hair types