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The ultimate in handcrafted European extensions exclusively for salon professionals. The Belle Époque salon exclusive line fulfils the demands of the most discerning hairstylists and clients by delivering a never-before-experienced level of performance, with an extensive signature range of textures, lengths and colours. All proudly made in the Ukraine, Our Belle Époque Salon ITips are formulated with the finest virgin European hair, including exclusive natural keratin  polymers. Applied using tiny copper micro-rings which are attached to individual strands of your own hair. 

By Certified Belle Époque Stylist


Available in 50g, each pack contains 50 iTip extension strands ready to apply by a certified professional. Fusion Pro is designed so users can style hair up or down to suit busy lifestyles. Virtually disappearing into the hairline our lightweight system changes the way you see hair extensions. This method is fantastic for adding volume, length and colour, clients can enjoy a unique range of colours exclusive to Belle Époque and select from a wide variation of textures, and lengths from 14″ through to 28″.

  • 50g per pack
  • Approx 50 Pieces per Pack
  • 0.8g per bond
  • 100% Ethically Sourced Human Hair
  • Double Drawn

For professional application only, for best results apply FusionPro with a certified Belle Époque stylist.



Purity embodies the distinctive spirit of Belle Époque’s stringent selection process and lends the entire collection a graceful elasticity. All our hair is handpicked for its intrinsic beauty and quality, and free from chemical processing. This preservation of virgin hair in its purest form has become a beloved and distinctive element of Belle Époque, and the voluminous sensual textures has become our hallmark. 

Technical qualities, durability, methods of collection and processing are some of the attributes that can influence the grade applied to a piece of hair. Alongside country of origin, available lengths, choice of colours and price point. While most hair extensions are sourced from India and China, Belle Époque exclusively sources hair from Eastern Europe due to the natural characteristics- luminosity, strength and finesse. This guide helps to elaborate the different grades.


Slavic baby Hair: the finest hair type with high lustre and low denier. It colours well and can be styled easily.


European hair (COLOURED RUSSIAN HAIR): is of a slightly thicker density making it very strong and durable. It is available on a range of deniers from fine, medium and coarse.


Afro hair (SOUTH RUSSIAN HAIR): we have replicated curly textures with our Uzbek European hair creating 3 low lustre afro textures type 3 and 4 and kinky straight.

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