Masters of Artisanal Craftsmanship

Established in Austria, the heart of the Europe’s most prized hair production regions, Belle Époque’s artisanal heritage is outstanding and provides a unique setting to demonstrate the House’s consummate expertise. Pioneers in introducing audacious textures for the luxury market than is customary in the hair extensions industry, Belle Époque is known today throughout the world for its prowess in providing a bespoke hair match for women of all hair types.

Known for stylistic audacity and a penchant for colour, Belle Époque pieces are immediately recognisable. The sensuality of volume, a love of texture, and a reverence for the modern woman and inspiration of Belle Époque’s Austro roots are the iconic features found in each of Belle Époque’s creations.

Belle Époque crafts exceptional wigs and hair extensions that are popular for their precision, delicacy, ethereal quality and their style based on purity and modern elegance. Well-preserved virgin hair, Slavic in its purest form while  giving European hair a major role, precise texturising conducted in small batches allows for a an array of textures for every hair type: these are all elements that define the House’s emblematic references’ unique personality.

Our Hair Quality

Purity embodies the distinctive spirit of Belle Époque’s stringent selection process and lends the entire collection a graceful elasticity. All our hair is handpicked for its intrinsic beauty and quality, and free from chemical processing. This preservation of virgin hair in its purest form has become a beloved and distinctive element of Belle Époque, and the voluminous sensual textures has become our hallmark.


Our creations are considered to reveal the lustre of virgin hair, its luminous secrets and infinite depths. By focussing on the hair’s natural beauty, body and bounce, we bring elegance and femininity to each of our hair extension designs.

We know quality, we invite you to experience it
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